Efficient processes for humans, machinery, material and energy are directly related to a company's backbone and thus, also to success. Our responsibility is to achieve more efficiency and prediction in critical company areas via our self-learning Artificial Intelligence software solutions PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE.

Our team in Research and Development has invested a lot of time, imagination and persistence to realize cognitive standard software solutions which discover inefficiencies and weaknesses in individual processes of our clients. Even in complex and interwoven data and process structures, we support our clients to execute their operative business in a more predictive, and thus better way - always increasing efficiency for humans, machinery, materials and energy.

Our aim is to establish ourselves as forerunner for innovative and powerful Artificial Intelligence solutions with scalable self-learning algorithms.

Our promise

  1. Using cognitive Artificial Intelligence solutions in (Big) Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, we increase operative performance of our clients.
  2. Our mathematicians and information scientists have many years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Self-Learning and Predictive Analytics and are constantly developing their knowledge.
  3. We take responsibility and support our clients in the operative implementation of their efficiency objectives.
  4. We support in transforming into predictive business with efficient processes for the entire value chain.

About Us

Our company name shows our passion: Predictive analytics - always aiming at increasing process efficiency for humans, machinery, material and electricity.

Thus, we have been specializing in cognitive Artificial Intelligence solutions with our standard software. Our experienced mathematicians and information scientists are not only experts in Artificial Intelligence, but also speak our client's language. Together, we create self-learning solutions which ensure planned, foresighted and thus, more efficient operations, even if the processes are complex, have volatile data structures and missing data.

New analytical methods and mass data processing technologies open the way to completely new possibilities in Artificial Intelligence. We have been involved in these analytics for many years before IS Predict was founded in 2010.

The co-founder Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. August-Wilhelm Scheer is actively involved in the company by virtue of his participation in the Scheer Holding's innovation network.