Adaptive AI for drones (military and civilian)

Drones are being used more and more for reconnaissance. But the videos are often so complex that the human eye cannot recognize the relevant objects. Therefore, artificial intelligence supports automation.

However, it has been shown that AI also reaches its limits when the objects, it is looking for, are camouflaged or partially hidden.

This is exactly why we have optimized our adaptive PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE so that camouflaged/covered objects can also be detected, classified and traced.
This gives you a reliable situation map.

Projects have also shown that even experienced drone pilots do not carry out flights in such a way that the video material for the AI covers all relevant areas, especially in unknown terrain, and taking also care of limited power capacity.
Therefore, our AI calculates the optimal flight route for the individual task and terrain.
The drone is also controlled by AI.
This allows less experienced drone pilots to carry out highly complex tasks.

Our AI solution has proven itself in various army areas.