Artificial Intelligence: Yes! But no Dependencies on Data Scientists!

You can reach a lot with Artificial Intelligence (AI). But which follow up costs will occur to adapt your AI solution to changed processes?

One thing is clear: Data Scientists are rare and expensive. Therefore, our self-learning and explainable AI standard software PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE is automating some time-consuming tasks which Data Scientists execute, normally.

On the one hand, this reduces implementation costs for your AI solution and on the other hand, also your operating costs. How does this work? Our self-learning algorithms, which have been awarded many times, represent the core of our standard software PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE.

In this way, your AI solutions get scalable and can be used over years, without hidden follow up costs.


Maturity Model for IT Analysis

With self-learning predictive AI analytics, IT analysis has reached highest maturity level. Benefit for business with PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE



Unsuspected Possibilities with Self-Learning, Explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

On the one hand, nowadays, companies are exposed much more to cost pressure, quality requirements, unpredictability and increasing process complexity. On the other hand, companies have more and more data available from their processes, machines and resource operations. However, availability of (big) data does not yet realize efficiency increases, hoped for – only smart data discover inefficiencies and disturbing factors in both, business and technical processes.

Predictive Analytics and Control: Scalable, Self-learning, Un-supervised and Explainable.

PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE logo PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE is an unsupervised self-learning and explainable AI standard software. Even in complex processes and dynamic data structures, you get foresighted recommendations for daily operations. Machine to machine communication allows direct process and machinery control – with proven efficiency increase. Dynamic simulation methods discover hidden optimization potentials. Disturbing factors are discovered early. In this way, you avoid inefficiencies before they occur!

In contrast to other AI approaches (i.e. Deep Learning), PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE gives transparency which factors influence your processes in a positive or negative way. Thus, you can sustainably improve your processes.

Our solutions, which have been granted with various innovation awards, increase efficiency of humans, machineries, materials as well as energy.

  • Adaptive AI for drones (military and civilian)
    Detect camouflaged and partially hidden objects. Generate a reliable situation map. Automate flight planning and flight execution.
  • Predictive Quality (Production)
    Assess and predict quality of production steps. Discover interwoven disturbing factors and hidden machine anomalies. Control machinery in a predictive way (machine-to-machine control or as recommendation for machine operators).
  • Predictive Maintenance
    Understand initial signs of future machine failures. Discover reasons for wear and tear. Recommend action for machine maintenance and machine control.
  • Predictive Energy (Industry)
    Predict energy. Discover disturbing factors for energy efficiency. Automate energy trading in a predictive way.
  • Predictive Energy Grid
    Realizing full potential of renewable energy usage. More precise energy purchase and sale, also for renewable energy. Predictively automated energy trading.
  • Predictive Building
    Control buildings in a predictive and adaptive way.
  • Predictive Sales
    Forecast product sales. Discover factors affecting sales. Enable client-specific advertising. Reduce return shipment. Recommend optimal prices.
  • Streaming Analytics
    Predictions and recommendations with real time data without loosing time.
  • Software Modules
    Self-Learning, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Control, Prediction, Analysis, Simulation, Data and User Management